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Steven loves living an utterly regular life in what he calls a spiritually responsible manner. He also loves helping others do the same which, conveniently, is his job – and it all fits under a banner he calls Spiritually Responsible Living.

Steven is the creator of the Spiritual Workout, a class that began its third year in September, 2008. He currently teaches a monthly drop-in open to the public, a private weekly class, and makes time for Spiritual Workout sessions with individuals and couples; several of his articles were published in 2008. Steven has a deep passion for elevating the public discourse by applying the contemporary, non-religious, religion-friendly, universally spiritual concepts with which he works to the political landscape and his blog on the subject, Spiritually Responsible Politics, can be found at (He also has a complete book proposal on the topic.)

His near-future plans include creating an online radio program, also under the Spiritually Responsible Living banner. And while he says he can barely remember any of it, Steven has had careers as an advertising executive and a marketing consultant, has tested the waters for an independent political run, and once owned a contemporary art gallery.

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