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Dr. Valorie N. Parker, PHD in S.W. Studies, is a Life Coach, the author for four books, and a radio host. Valorie is the President and CEO of Arise by VNP and Associates, Inc., specializes in creating and producing advertising medium, publicizing and projecting a positive image for each of her very distinctive clients. She and her staff present the very best the industry has to offer to achieve successful results!

Valorie is a captivating speaker in her own right, with a pertinent message of turning her painful nineteen year abusive marriage into a powerful experience that allows her to encourage and enrich the lives of everyone she encounters. Valorie developed the Soul of the Woman Series, which includes the CD From Pain to Power  and the books From The Soul of a Woman: Love Shouldn’t Hurt; Unveiling Secrets from the Heart, Forgiving Your Past to Free Your Future; and Restored Vessels, Young Adults Overcoming Adversities.

Valorie is also the President and CEO of The Soul of a Woman Foundation, Inc. The foundation was developed to raise awareness to the needs of women and children living in abusive homes, providing housing, financial assistance, career development, and other urban and social justice issues facing local and national communities.

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