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Werner describes himself as, "A guy who thrives on challenge, making a difference, and who enjoys his fleeting time on this magnificent earth."

He has been a corporate consultant for 24 years with the purpose of, "Transforming organizations into unprecedented opportunities for personal fulfillment and success" - happy, focused employees, with the right motivation are generally highly productive, enjoy their work and thrive in their personal lives.

His latest venture is the production of a feature length film to be released in theatres, March 2009. It is titled, Back From The Edge, and is designed to transform North American health in a powerful and entertaining manner. His movie research has made him a staunch advocate of high quality nutritional supplements; it also frustrates him that so much useless junk can masquerade as quality, and rob unsuspecting buyers of their money and their health.

Amongst his talents are his recently acquired high altitude climbing skills. Last May he reached the summit of Mt. Everest, becoming the oldest person in the world, outside of three Japanese, to do so. He is also the oldest North American to have climbed the highest points on all seven continents.

His next major Endeavour is the launching of a World Peace Summit. He will return to climb Kilimanjaro for the third time, with young climbers from feuding nations, world media, dignitaries from different nations and 100 others dedicated to world peace. Concomitantly, young people's Peace and Leadership conference will be conducted near the base of the mountain by his fiancee for 8 to 14 year olds and non-climbers. His commitment, "This shall not simply be an event, it will be an ongoing initiative to herald a world free of violence and war.

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