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  1. Oh, Gail…I scrolled through almost all of the “picture posts” and when I came to this one, it seemed to say it all to me. I found myself “spiritually” pouting this morning, then “beating up on myself” which was as totally unproductive, over the fact that, although we sold the property we needed to sell, I was pouting because we didn’t get the “bottom dollar” we felt we should have–in spite of the really miraculous “things” that had to transpire, to even bring the sale about! Then, I didn’t quite know how to dispose of the SHAME that welled up, when I thought of all the miracles…but a bit of spiritual reading, and then a bit more…well, it wasn’t long until I was back in alignment with Source Energy, for which I am MOST grateful…but now, let me relate the “miracles” to you…we were able to sell a precious old building that had provided us with a great income for many, many years–and we were able to sell it in the VERY month it stopped giving us the income–to a total stranger from Colorado, who had seen a small ad (and my hubby hadn’t been able to find it in our local paper here in Indiana) and cared enough to come here and make the offer…and it truly IS enough to make us “debt free”–so tell me, what is so skewed within me, that I could not express extreme joy and gratitude, to begin with?
    Well, I have “cleaned house” on the inside, and all is well in my world…and I am right where I am supposed to be, even though I couldn’t feel that way until just a short while ago. I learned a lot about myself through all of this…and I am also very grateful for that…Thanks for listening, Charlene Potterbaum

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