Achieving world peace begins with each of us taking the steps necessary to reach a place of inner peace by loving and empowering ourselves.
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Carol Hansen Grey

Carol Hansen Grey is a visionary catalyst and social activist whose passion is to help people love and empower themselves. She does this through her books and CDs, through her personal empowerment coaching, through the projects she initiates and through her graphic design and web development work. She is a partner of Open Heart Press publishing company and web development company. In her book, Simple Healing Tools on the Path to Personal Empowerment and Inner Peace (Open Heart Press, May 2009) she offers stories and tools she has used to attain her goals. Visit the website for more information. In 1996 she first produced her Lighten Up audio tape (currently available as a CD) and began traveling around the United States and Canada teaching her Lighten Up workshop. In 1997 she initiated the World Peace Experiment with husband Victor Grey and in 1998 they published their Free Yourself from Fear booklet and audio tape (currently available as a CD). From 2000-2004 Carol served as the Executive Director of Women of Vision and Action, a 501c3 organization, through which she initiated the Athena Wisdom Exchange Mentoring Program (AWE), the Feminine Face of Leadership Conference, and the international Gather the Women movement. With her husband she co-founded Open Heart Press publishing company in 1995, web design company in 2000, Collage Keepsakes Design Company in 2002, and 2idi Corporation in 2004 (which was transferred to in 2009). Also in 2004 Carol agreed to serve on a core team of women to promote a 5th Women's World Conference and developed a website for that purpose ( In 2009 she developed a sister site to further the goals ( Additionally, Carol serves as an Advisor to several organizations including RedWeb Foundation, Valentine Peace Project, Circle Connections, and We, The World.

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What Do You Think?