Belief is crucial for success, but not enough. Hard work is the fuel that powers belief.

Madison Lewandowski

Thirteen-year old Madison Lewandowski founded Kidz for a Cure when she was eight-years old. She wanted to find a way to help inspire other young people to get involved in their communities and help fight pediatric cancer. Since the inception, Madison's charity has raised over $18,000 for pediatric cancer research.

She also started her own business when she was seven, Madddie's Monkey Business. One of the products she's developed is Maddie's Wish Bracelet, based on the Universal Law of Attraction. She sells the bracelets to men, women, boys and girls to help them find inspiration, to believe in their dreams and to reach their personal goals. A part of each sale is donated to Kids for a Cure.

At the age of ten, Madison finished writing her first book, Pink-Face Slobber Mouth. Within a month of completion she had already landed a literary agent.

Madison has been a print model, competed in the 2012 Nationals Gymnastics competition, starred in commercials and music videos, raised funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, was hired as a toy-tester, and was a speaker at the 2011 International OCD Foundation...because Madison battles OCD.

Although she was born with this anxiety obstacle, she has learned to use it as a motivator to prove to herself and others that people can accomplish their personal goals through belief and hard work, regardless of life's difficulties.

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