We all have the capability to make a difference, to accept what we are given, to love with our heart and live life to the fullest, or not: it’s up to us.

Tracy Goodwin

Tracy Goodwin is known all over the world as The Red Sweater Lady for her popular communication training videos. As a master communication specialist, Tracy runs her own company, RSL Communications where she trains individuals and companies from around the globe in presentation skills, voice and speaking improvement, accent reduction and other communication courses. Tracy has a Masters degree in Corporate Communications and has won numerous speaking awards. In addition, she also has a Masters in child drama and owns The Theater Place. After many years as a professional actress, Tracy switched gears to directing and plays all over the globe as well as starting numerous educational theater programs. Tracy is also the single mother to Jack, a 12 year old boy she has recovered from autism.

For more information, please visit theredsweaterlady.com.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?