Comparing yourself with another does nothing more than overshadow your own brilliance, beauty, and uniqueness. You have qualities and attributes that no other has so why hide them behind comparison?

Pam Thomas

Pam Thomas is a passion purveyor, change agent, internal beauty coach, and a mover and shaker maker aka International Coach Federation PCC certified Life, Mentor, and Business Development Coach.

Pam's passion is supporting others in finding their voices, as well as eradicating low self esteem and she has years of experience in empowering people to become their most powerful and confident selves. She has successfully worked with groups and individuals who have started their own businesses, increased their self confidence, enhanced their internal beauty, gained clarity around their life's passion, taken dreams from paper to reality, become more productive in their careers, and mastered work/life balance.

She is the host of the radio show "The Attraction Factor" on Empower Radio, author and creator of the e-course Overcoming Not Good Enough on the DailyOM, e-workbook series "Will the Real YOU Please Step Forward", a powerful personal development training called the "Internal Beauty Boot Camp", and free e-course Getting Your Groove On; 10 Kick Ass Ways to Supercharge Your Life.

She is also a personal and business intuitive and owner of an international coaching company called What's Within U, LLC.

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What Do You Think?