You don’t have to be ‘gifted’ or the smartest, but if you keep at it, you will get there. In time, you will find you have surpassed even the gifted ones.
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Debra Smith

Dr. Debra A. Smith brings to the national healthcare debate a unique global healthcare perspective based on her multifaceted experiences. A physician and economist, she has worked in clinical medicine, medical administration and insurance underwriting, and as a consultant in healthcare financing and public health for the World Bank and United Nations. This has given her a global view on what works and what doesn't which she shares in her new book, Healthcare Solved - Real Answers, No Politics. The book is a timely dose of straight talk for an American public seeking to reform a system reeling from out-of-control costs. In Healthcare Solved, Dr. Smith tells how the country can get more people covered and provide better quality care without going bankrupt, and the role each of us can play to help that happen. To learn, visit

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What Do You Think?