Every life experience, especially those that are challenging, is in fact an opportunity to learn and to grow and to be more than you ever imagined you could be.

Elana Peled

Elana Peled, Ed.D. is a success coach, author, and certified EFT practitioner who uses the skills she has acquired from her life’s journey to support individuals seeking greater fulfillment in their lives. Convinced that education offered the key to a better life, Elana was the first person in her family to set her sights on earning a college degree. After facing numerous obstacles, and dropping out of college four different times, today her educational accomplishments include a doctorate in human development and psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education, two master’s degrees, and a bachelor’s in English Literature from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A former college professor, Elana is a perpetual student of human development. She is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School’s (NOLS) Outdoor Educator program and has had the privilege of studying in person with many widely known and highly respected yoga and meditation teachers including Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, Donna Fahri, Jack Kornfield, Joanna Macy, and Ram Dass. She has completed a Native American vision quest and most recently she has been a participant in the online courses of neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, author of Buddha’s Brain. Elana’s greatest strengths lie in empowering others to achieve their goals. A native of California, today Elana resides in Georgetown, Massachusetts where her favorite activity is spending time with her family. Elana is also involved in her local community and holds an elected position on her local school board. Elana works with clients by phone or by Skype. Learn more about working with Elana by visiting her website, ElanaPeled.com.

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What Do You Think?