What if everything that everyone always said is WRONG about you…is REALLY what is so RIGHT, rare & leveragable about you? What could you do, be and have then?

Maryam Webster

Maryam Webster is is a San Francisco, California area inspirational speaker, best selling self-help author, energy psychologist, coach and trainer. She helps people with extreme challenges, and the Experts who help evolve others – coaches, therapists, teachers, doctors & entrepreneurs – to “Do the Impossible”. Teaching herself to walk again after being hit by a drunk driver, and three years as a paraplegic (with doctors predicting permanent paralysis), plus losing over 100 pounds she gained while bedridden are only two of the many ways Maryam has done the “impossible” in her own life.She’s literally walks her talk and tells it like it is. Specializing in fast, easy to use methods for change and personal growth, Maryam developed the easy, fast-acting ETHOS Method for Consciousness and Healing, and custom crafts transformational processes for everyone she works with. Inspired by the Dalai Lama's quote "Western women will save the world", Maryam is focusing her efforts on stubborn symptoms relief and second life planning for women at menopause, or who need a midlife reboot. In private life, Maryam is a yoga enthusiast, comfy shoeist, momcat and nature lover, and makes her home among the redwoods of the northern California coast.

For more information, please visit everywomanchanges.com  and maryamwebster.com.

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What Do You Think?