Growth is becoming comfortable with discomfort.

John Dowd Jr.

John Dowd Jr. is the author of the book Heroes Mentors and Friends (Balboa Press), a book that takes a look at finding meaning in our busy 9-5 life.

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Along with being a fifteen year student of new age thinking and teachings and speaking on the topic weekly, John is a twenty five year broadcaster, former broadcast manager and on air radio personality. John is also a four time winner of "Radio Ink's Programmers of the Year" award. Hear John each week on "Heroes Mentors and Friends Radio" where the book comes alive with compelling information and guests each week. Click here to listen. Also, currently, while promoting his book, John is on the air week-days with a 70’s music show, 12n-6p on SiriusXM "70's on 7" heard in all fifty states. His local on-air radio days took him to New York, Philly and Boston. John is from Worcester, Massachusetts. He has two grown children, Matt 22, and Jordan, 24.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?