Being happy on purpose is about making a conscious decision in each moment to move towards happiness. It is about creating YOUR experience to support your dreams.
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Jennifer Sparks

Jennifer Sparks (B.Ed., M.S., PGD, CPT) is an Ironman triathlete, teacher, single mother, certified personal trainer, and lifestyle coach. A self-proclaimed personal development junkie, Jennifer turned to acquiring the strategies and tools she needed to move from a life of being overwhelmed and unhappy to a life filled with happiness and joy. Her journey took ten years and included some major setbacks. It was during the darkest moments that she learned to dig deep and live strategically so that she could upgrade her life and happiness. She is convinced our most challenging times teach us our greatest lessons. In her bestselling book, WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female's Guide to Creating a Life You Love, she shares her ten-year journey and strategies for moving through hard times. In Happy on Purpose she focuses on what happy people do differently and shares her own habits for happiness. She is also host of her own radio show, GET HAPPY NOW on While Jennifer continues to teach she also is passionate about sharing her message with others. Online courses, coaching events, and resources can be found at her website, invites all of you to connect with her on her social media networks and her website.

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