Healing is messy. It is tears, a snotty nose, getting down on your knees… and it’s the aha moments. So, be gentle with yourself. Be Love!

Tyffany Howard

Tyffany Howard is an international speaker, author and spiritual healer. She has published her first book, tap that!, which is a how-to guide to EFT tapping. Tyffany's message is Love.Heal.Uplift. Her life's work is to teach the masses how to love themselves, heal themselves and uplift them in the process. Tyffany loves, heals and uplifts with her words and tapping. Tyffany lives in Austin, Texas with her loyal companion, Chief Justice, a twelve-year-old, white-and-brown Chihuahua.

For more information, please visit www.tyffanyhoward.net.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?