There is no higher calling than discovering and accepting who you truly are and expressing yourself authentically in all of life, including work.
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Bob Epperly

Bob Epperly, author of Growing Up After Fifty: From Exxon Executive to Spiritual Seeker from Human Sun Media, worked in management at Exxon Research and Engineering Co. for more than 20 years, finally becoming a general manager, and later CEO of a startup company. Having spent much of his professional life creating win-win environments for employees and employers and co-authoring a book entitled, Interactive Career Development: Integrating Employer and Employee Goals, he now coaches people who seek life-transforming career change. During the last quarter century, he has made spiritual self-realization and psychological integration his top priorities. Epperly and his wife, Sarah, live in Mountain View, Calif., and have three grown children and four grandchildren.

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What Do You Think?