If we believe that life is a sacred journey, then wonder is our road map to a great life.
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Jaffer Ali

Jaffer is a serial entrepreneur who believes that the key to success in life and business is the relationships we engender. He began his business career in the home video industry, launching national campaigns for such videos as The Honeymooners Lost Episodes, The Beatles' A Hard Days Night, and The Superbowl Shuffle. He has been involved with all forms of media since the 80s and is currently the CEO of the media company, Vidsense and the e-commerce company, PulseTV.com. Jaffer has spent a lifetime integrating his passions for entrepreneurship with spirituality. In addition to his passion for entrepreneurship, he is the author of four books, a Father of 3 boys and is blessed to be married to an angel, also known as his wife Carol.

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  1. scott milton
    scott milton says:

    But ‘sacred’ means ‘connected with God or a god or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration.’
    What about those of us that are secular, or follow humanism? Are we not capable of wonder? I believe we are.

    Wonder is not the preserve of the religious. It has existed long before those myths gained traction.


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What Do You Think?