if you come upon challenges, focus on creating solutions to overcome them rather than being stopped in your tracks.

Dr. Karen Lee Paquette

Dr. Karen Lee Paquette, ND, BSPT, FLT(HP), CCC is a Naturopathic Doctor, Physical Therapist, First Line Therapist, and Health/Wellness Coach who has who has dedicated her life to learning, teaching, and practicing the principles of healthy living. As a former Associate Professor, Curriculum Consultant, and Clinical Supervisor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with fellow practitioners who support their patients to live healthier lifestyles. In addition to her practice Karen authored Stop Being Stopped: The GO Doctor’s Guide to Unleashing the Healthier, Sexier You!, to help people overcome what’s stopping so they can easily and effortlessly achieve their health dreams.

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What Do You Think?