If you see beauty every day, you won’t need to build walls to separate yourself from others.

Eve Evangelista

Eve Evangelista is a Passionate Life Consultant and the author of Create and Move Forward in Life and Rise of Sea-Landers. She guides her clients from overwhelming thoughts and frustration to hope and belief in the beauty of their dreams. A gifted intuitive, she follows the flow of life in teaching them to a better feeling place, in order to achieve their highest potential with ease and grace. She knows that life takes on a whole new meaning when you connect to the goodness and greatness in each person.

One of her cherished dreams is to have the funding for Gifted by the Angels Foundation in order to give grants to writers, scholarships for students and funding for innovative inventions for Earth and humanity.

She has two beautiful children who inspire her to create heartfelt products and live life, like it is the last day.

For more information, please visit EveEvangelista.com.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?