We would not be inspired to do something if it were not intended to be. And if it is intended to be, all for it to be, will be provided.
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Jim Phillips

Jim is a highly respected business leader, entrepreneur, certified life/spiritual coach and inspirational speaker. For the better part of 30 years he has inspired others to higher levels of understanding and achievement through workshops and presentations throughout the United States and parts of Europe resulting in richer, fuller, more rewarding life experiences. Most recently his passion is the exploration and application of spiritual law as it applies to prosperity and overall quality of life which has resulted in the writing and publishing of his new book, The Key to LIFE, Living In Full Expression. Jim currently lives in Aldie, VA, just outside Washington, DC, where he continues his writing, speaking and coaching. To learn more about Jim and his work visit www.prosperitybydesign.com or follow him on Twitter @inspired10

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What Do You Think?