It is important to make one’s life a dance or a work of art. To be fluid enough to be silent as a still lake, then as gregarious as a party host, then as compassionate as a mother, then as creative as a painter. In short, your life can be a multidime


Chobo-ji is a Satsang teacher, writer and theatre director. He spent decades on a spiritual journey as well as continuing creative studies. His many years of meditation, studying and seeking led him to a deep understanding that the essence of spirituality lies in two words: human being. Being 'spiritual' was the obstacle to truth. 

His work is an integration of creativity, human heart and natural presence. He has run workshops throughout the UK.

Chobo-ji works with seekers from all over the world. He lives in Scotland but through the wonders of the internet has regular skype meetings. He welcomes all genuine seekers into finding their own truth here and now. 

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?