It is often through the darkest experiences where we become the most enlightened. To shun these experiences is to remain foolish. To embrace them is to quickly ascend.

LeeAnn Taylor

LEEANN TAYLOR is the mother of five children, three of whom were born with Fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder causing profound mental impairment and the most common known cause of autism. Her triumphant story of courage, resilience, and redemption beyond the veil serves as the luminous foundation for her sacred work. She is a champion for hope and uses writing, filmmaking, artistry, and mentoring to teach the eternal nature of humankind. Her story has been featured in magazine articles, online radio shows, women’s networks, and luminary forums. Driven by a profound gratitude for life, LeeAnn loves serving others. She uses her unique ability to transcend the veil in helping people overcome major challenges and turning them to a path of higher pursuit. She also writes poetry, Celtic music, and is a devoted student of the Divine. Her writings, wisdom, and works can be found at

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What Do You Think?