It’s time to reclaim your birthright of ease and joy once more. Even though you may have departed from Easy World, it is always ready to welcome you home.

Julia Rogers Hamrick

Julia Rogers Hamrick is a visionary author and a pioneer in teaching about the relationship between vibrational frequency and one's experience of life. Her books are CHOOSING EASY WORLD: A Guide to Opting Out of Struggle and Strife and Living in the Amazing Realm Where Everything is Easy and Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet.

 A spiritual-growth facilitator since the early 1980s, it was a spontaneous experience of cosmic consciousness in 1982 that awakened her to the understanding that Paradise is not a piece of real estate, but a reality state--the one in which we are designed to thrive. In a whisper from the Divine, she was guided to Easy World in 2007 and has been sharing it with eager seekers ever since.

Julia, a highly sensitive, intuitive channel, offers private sessions to individuals to assist in their spiritual evolution by helping them attune more powerfully with their own Spirits and take the next steps in authentic empowerment. For more information on this and the many free resources she offers, please visit For more about Easy World, visit To learn more about the quintessential guide to Easy World, visit

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What Do You Think?