I’ve heard it said that some people are just dreamers, as if to dream is less than to do. That’s not how I see it. Dreams are what give life a purpose, what brings us to another place, a greater place.


Caleb has been writing music since he was 8 and performing live since he was 11. A happy, upbeat kid, Caleb tends to write and sing about serious themes such as bullying, homophobia and suicide. From NY to LA, Caleb has performed for charitable events ranging from UNICEF to WeSTOPHate to the ASPCA. He has also performed in Brighton and Berkshire in the UK and The Hague in the Netherlands and in Minneapolis, MN. On his newer YouTube channel, OfficialCalebChannel, his anti-suicide song, “More Time” has garnered over 2.3 million views. His song, “We Run” has nearly 1.1 million views. “Falling Over You,” a song Caleb wrote when he was 11, hit #1 on the Tween Pop Radio charts and abroad in Australia. Caleb has worked with famed producer, PJ Bianco, who is known most notably as the writer and producer of the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato’s hit songs, among several other artists. He is now working with Rocket Music Management, Elton John's company, in addition. Caleb has captured the attention of many in the music industry in NY & LA. At present, the 15 year old is lining up a deal for release of his singles, “More Time” and “We Run.”

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?