Kids like me should learn the joy of giving back. We should stand up for animals that cannot stand up for themselves because animals need a voice, and kids can be that voice.
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Sean Martin

Sean Martin was born on the 5th of April 2000 and recalls wanting to act since the tender age of two years old. This lively and eloquent youngster grew serious about acting at ten years old. His acting debut was as “Young Francisco” of Monsters Inside Me, an Animal Planet series. Martin’s career now includes roles in various College Humor spoofs, television shows such as Team Toon and Redrum and starring as “Damaso” in the film Sin Dolor, which premiered at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. He is an athlete who conversely loves to play video games. Martin is also a history buff with a fantastic memory who loves learning with his homeschool friends. He has a huge passion for animals and started an organization called “Kids Adopt a Shelter” to help animals worldwide. “Kids Adopt A Shelter” has grown from 1,000 Facebook “likes” within 24 hours to over 3,700 Facebook "likes," a New Zealand representative, 21 state representatives, and 50 shelter representatives. Sean Martin is also a Regional Winner of the 2012 Kohl's Cares Scholarship.

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What Do You Think?