Knowing I can inspire a beautiful day within myself first is the most powerful tool I have to inspire a beautiful life – day by day.
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Susan Teton Campbell

Susan Teton Campbell, an evangelist for great food, began her career in the early 1990's when she went to work with John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America and Healthy at 100. While working with notable health professionals and environmental authors, she co-authored the Healthy School Lunch Action Guide with endorsements from the USDA, California State Child and Nutrition Department, and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. With an award-winning curriculum Susan toured the country, inspiring students to choose healthier foods and schools to serve them. After years of studying with notable health professionals, and creating menu plans for large resorts and celebrities, Susan began a multi media company, Teton Productions, to produce multi media products for nutritional culinary education. Her first project was Essential Cuisine, a culinary practice combining the best of the essential dietary components of the Centenarian Cultures - a healthy combination of raw, cooked and cultured foods. Essential Cuisine, A Journey From Seed to Soul is produced in a 6 DVD set and e-book. Convinced that food is a significant factor in the rising epidemic of youth related health issues, her company also produced Teens Teaching Teens, a DVD cooking show starring 16 year old Landon Bell. "Food grown from the Earth is here naturally to give us the focus, energy, beauty, emotional balance and the connection we need for vibrant health. Let's use the gift our Source created for us and honor our experience by stewarding out body with Earth's bounty".

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