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Sarah Ezekiel

I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in April 2000, whilst pregnant with my second child. I was 34 years old and the diagnosis changed my life irrevocably. My marriage collapsed and I am now divorced with full custody of my children, aged 12 and 9.

After an initial rapid progression I seem to have stabilised and lead a fairly active life. I'm still able to walk with assistance but cannot use my arms so receive 24 hour care. I operate my computer with a chin switch and use the program EZ Keys. I try not to think about my illness and live life as normally as possible.

As well as being a full time mother, I particularly enjoy writing. I’ve had some articles published in newspapers and magazines. I have given several presentations to raise awareness of MND. I'm also in an advert called Sarah's Story, which is a hard hitting portrayal of receiving a diagnosis of MND. Unfortunately, the advert has been banned on British TV, but is being shown in UK cinemas.

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What Do You Think?