LIFE” is found in helping others!

Laura Wellington

When Laura Wellington was 35 years old, she lost her husband to cancer after a three year battle. Left with four very young children to raise, two ailing businesses to turn around, and a life to put back together, Laura found her "New Day" in helping others get through their own difficult days.

Laura went on to launch The Wumblers, an education based television series and brand currently broadcasting in the United States and internationally. Laura launched The Wumblers in response to the tremendous sorrow and need she so personally related to from families who lost their own loved ones during the Tragedy of 911, just months earlier.

Since that time, The Wumblers have gone on to help a globe full of children learn the importance of "making the world a better place for ALL." Numerous broadcast partners coupled with the support of highly respected organizations, including the National Center For Youth Issues, Skywriter Media, and the National Watermelon Association of the United States have made Laura a recognized "Role Mom" and influential voice amongst parents and the media.

With each new day, Laura and her family continue to thrive. In 2010, they welcomed a new little brother, Austen. 

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?