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Ben Wagner

Citizen of planet earth for the past 24 years. CEO at LifeKraze with a penchant for people, team sports, and running in the rain. A connoisseur of salsa (the dip, not the dance) and a knack for finding good parking spots.

Ben can appreciate a good beer but not as much as he can appreciate good friends.

His favorite female is his younger sister and his favorite books include Oh The Places You'll Go and 1984. When he's not working at the LifeKraze HQ he's off burning fuel with his new favorite hardware (the Nike FuelBand) or indulging in Netflix documentaries...okay fine TV shows and movies.

His favorite critters from the Animal Kingdom in alphabetical order are Koalas, Lions, and Penguins!!! 

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?