Music is my vehicle of inspiration to go deep within and to rejoice in the moment, surrounded by the sounds, rhythms, and voices of hope and love.

SOLOMON Witherspoon

SOLOMON is a recording artist, singer, songwriter, entertainer, family man, and ambassador to Starlight Children’s Foundation, Starbright World Organization, Minnesota Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, and Samaritan Orphanage in Uganda. SOLOMON has dedicated his life to aiming for the stars and shooting for the moon. Raised in Duluth, Minnesota, he excelled in football and basketball, and played 3 years of indoor professional football. SOLOMON's dancing abilities have been recognized with a 1st place in The Minnesota Celebrity Dance Challenge. As the son of a minister, he began singing at an early age and later in the church choir. As a rising star, SOLOMON has shared stages with two musical icons Prince and Larry Graham. He is currently completing his second album, Starlight, as a follow-up to his 2012 Kingdom CD. Tours are currently being planned for the US and Asia that will include ambassador events. SOLOMON discovered a natural audience with chronically and terminally ill children when asked to be an ambassador for several organizations. His amazing connection with these children and their families, and dedicated time and effort, has set him apart from many other successful entertainers. No stranger to family tragedy and illness with the deaths of his brother, sister, and father, Solomon’s empathy shows in every song he writes and in every conversation he has with a child in need. He loves time with his wife, daughter, and son. SOLOMON enjoys fishing and exercise while not writing, recording, performing, or video taping.

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