One day I woke up and realized the only thing stopping me from having uncommon success was… me. That was the beginning of my new and improved life!

Stephanie Staples

Stephanie Staples has a passion, bordering on obsession, for personal development. She is a highly-acclaimed inspirational speaker who helps people find the time, energy and motivation to live their life with full gusto! As the founder of, Stephanie shares her expertise weekly as the host of Your Life, Unlimited on both radio and TV. Her books and audio programs are being used internationally to encourage and support those on a quest for their own personal best. Stephanie is a regular columnist and has been quoted and featured in publications world wide. Her 20 year background as a nurse solidified her desire to help others and in doing so is continually thrilled to find out as she assists others on their path she can't help but grow herself as well! If you would like to begin your journey of growth, but don't know where to start, you can download her guided e-journal for free now!

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What Do You Think?