You are one of a kind and perfection all on your own. To know your sustenance is to know you are expanding now, always, in all ways, always and ever!
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Meichelle McClellan

Meichelle lives in Northeastern Ohio and is an accomplished, Certified Spiritual Medium, Healer and Teacher/Lecturer whose deep compassion touches the hearts and lives of very many. She is also an Ordained Minister, a Spiritual Counselor, a Reiki Master, a Dream Interpreter. and a Gifted and Compassionate Professional Clairvoyant and Psychic Intuitive. Meichelle also holds an Honorary PHD in Metaphysical Sciences from The Institute of Divine Philosophical Science of Florida. Meichelle's gifts sprang from early childhood and she is known as a natural Psychic/Medium. Meichelle feels very honored as she enjoys helping those who are seeking communication from a loved one whom has passed or those who are deeply in need of help in Spiritual or Life matters. She also has the ability to hear and feel Spirit Guides and Angels. As an Empath she has the ability to perceive and experience the emotional and physical feelings of another. Meichelle uses Clairsentience or Intuition, in the form of emotional input in her Intuitive Energy Readings to help her clients and give them a greater understanding of their growth and destinies. Her wide experience in Metaphysical Sciences gives her a greater understanding of the human condition and helps her to help others in all area's and avenues of personal growth and understanding.

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What Do You Think?