One of the most magical facts about the universe is that there are no human duplicates. There never has been, nor will there be, another person like myself or any one else.
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Dorothea McArthur

Dr. Dorothea McArthur has maintained a highly sought-after private practice for the last 35 years. She treated clients within a clinic setting for seven years as Head of Adult Services and Training Programs at Verdugo Mental Health Center, Glendale, California. She also served two terms on the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)

Dr. McArthur is President of the Independent Psychiatric Network, which she founded in 1994, encompassing a group of 15 Psychotherapists meeting monthly to keep their practices at the highest level of quality.

As well as writing both 5-Star rated, Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times, and Birth of a Self in Adulthood, about the borderline patient, Dr. McArthur has co-authored the published, Roberts Apperception Test for Children (RATC).

Nearing completion for publication is: Tomorrow’s Child, regarding children’s rights and Love Beyond Love, about adoption.

Dorothea is a wife, mother, grandmother and artist with disciplines in drawing, sculpture and choral singing.

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What Do You Think?