The principles you put in place when sowing your seeds in life will determine the quality of the products you harvest.

El Haji Nero

El Haji Nero is the president and CEO of El Nero Business Hub, Inc. A company that creates opportunities for business owners, independent consultants, professionals, entrepreneurs, and others to share ideas, collaborate and network while providing a platform for business consulting, business training's, business coaching and business certification program. He also manages his own “unfranchise” business at, an ultimate online shopping destination where customers earn rewards for shopping, in what is known as a “mall without walls”. Nero is a member of the National Writers Association, Fowler International Academy of Professionals and Toast Masters Club.He is a PMI Certified Associate in Project Management, courtesy of the Project Management Institute, and is a Certified Artist Developer (CAD) for Conquer Entertainment. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor in Project Management at the University of Texas at Austin. Nero has extensive experience in project management, complementing his solid background in leadership, motivational speaking, and self-development. Having spent several years studying self - improvement and personal development techniques, Nero has written several articles on self-improvement that were published in several widely-read publications, and he was once reprimanded for being ''too creative.” Now, he is on a mission to help others to stop waiting and to start creating a career by designing the life they want using his first self improvement book Destined To Win In The Game of Life.

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What Do You Think?