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Benni Cinkle

14-year-old singer, songwriter and philanthropist, Benni Cinkle, has accomplished a great deal at a very young age. She continues to use her success to benefit the lives of others, especially children and teens. To support those facing cyber-bullying, Benni created a free eBook, "That Girl in Pink's Internet Survival Guide: For Kids Who Live their Lives Online (and the Moms and Dads Who Love them)."

She is the Founder and Vice President of That Girl in Pink Foundation, a non-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to raising awareness, involvement, and donations for causes that affect kids.

Most recently, Benni recorded a song she wrote, "Can You See Me Now," and created a music video to go along with it. She was inspired to write the song after coming across a website where young people were anonymously discussing their hardships in life. She will donate a portion of the profits from the sale of her song to organizations and charities that benefit troubled children and teens.

Through her messages and music, Benni brings a sense of hope and empowerment for children and teens around the world. She receives countless messages a day from people around the world, asking her for advice and thanking her for making them feel better about themselves.

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