Show gratitude towards everything in life. Be grateful enough to say thank you from the smallest to the greatest. Your universe will continue to bless you because it knows you will be thankful.

Myra Hunn

Myra Hunn is a mother of two, coach, motivator, radio host and owner of a growing online network called Learning the Lord Network, LLC. Myra hosts the internet radio show Endless Encouragement that airs every Sunday at 8pm EST on Blog Talk Radio. She is making an imprint on the world with her motivational topics such as “Dream Big”, “Forgiving Yourself” and “Self Doubt”. Myra grew up in a Christian home but walked away only to find her life was spiraling down at an alarming rate. It was during this time, she began to question her life and her purpose in life. Myra saw how negative the world is and how hard it is for her family, friends, peers and strangers to see the positive side of things. She knew not long ago she was at that same point in her life where she couldn’t see anything positive in her life. She began Learning the Lord Facebook in 2012. In 2013, the Endless Encouragement online radio show and Facebook page was formed. She is dedicated to helping society see the positive side of things and not focus on the negative side of things.

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  1. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    You must have known me Mara. Cuz this is my life today. I see the positive in people, and in life. I have my past, and look back in it, to remember where I came from, and use it, to be a better man today.
    My life today iss about learning from yesterday, living for today, and the hope of tommorow. I’m no better then no-one. I might be doing better spiritualy, but no better. I went through the same journey in life as you did Mara. But my journey today has changed, for the positive.
    Thankyou for reminding me to continue to look positive, and being grateful of where I came from.
    I do believe in my higher power, or God if it sounds better for you, to get guidance form, so I don’t continue to be negative. Im so grateful for my life today.
    Lots of love.


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What Do You Think?