Someone once told me that our life experiences teach us how to behave. But I believe our life experiences give us the opportunity to strengthen our true character.
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Michelle Ernsdorff

There’s a reason Michelle Ernsdorff, Compass to Care Founder and CEO, has a passion for children with cancer. She’s a childhood cancer survivor. Knowing the emotional and financial struggles her parents faced while traveling to get her the best care, inspired Michelle to create Compass to Care. Michelle has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nuclear Medicine from the Medical College of Georgia and a Master of Business Administration from Northeastern Illinois University. Before deciding to dedicate her life to helping children travel for cancer treatment, Michelle had a successful career in the healthcare environment as a PET technologist at both Emory Healthcare in Atlanta and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. In her most recent position, she served as the vice president of marketing for IBA Molecular. Michelle now brings her knowledge and proven success in effective business planning, brand and market awareness, and process and procedure development to Compass to Care.

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What Do You Think?