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Tisa Silver

Tisa L. Silver is an author, speaker and president of The Good Works Coalition, Inc., a non-profit organization which provides scholarships and educational programs for young people, particularly those in underserved communities.

In 2009, Tisa published her first book, The Time Value of Life: Why Time is More Valuable than Money. Tisa has since shared her value-based approach to time management with all who will listen. Her audiences have ranged from students and their parents to incarcerated youth, church groups and government employees. Time and money are two valuable resources, Tisa is passionate about teaching people how to maximize the value of both.

In addition to speaking, Tisa is a frequent contributor to media outlets including Investopedia, LLC and

Tisa is a native of Prince George's County, Maryland. She is a double graduate and former faculty member of the University of Delaware's Alfred E. Lerner College of Business and Economics.

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What Do You Think?