The best thing you can do for this planet is to become a happy human being.

Priscilla Warner

Priscilla Warner grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, where her early education at a Hebrew Day School and Quaker High School prepared her for the intense interfaith dialogue she later experienced and chronicled in the New York Times bestselling memoir The Faith Club. For three years, Priscilla toured the country with her co-authors, popping Klonopin to ward off panic attacks, speaking in churches, synagogues, mosques and community centers. Finally, in the skies above Oklahoma, inspired by Tibetan monks who meditated so effectively that neuroscientists were studying their brains, Priscilla vowed to find her inner monk and set off on an adventure to heal from the panic that had plagued her for decades. She meditated her way from panic to peace, chronicling her journey with teachers, healers, therapists, monks and mystics in her bestselling memoir Learning to Breathe – My Yearlong Quest to Bring Calm to My Life. 

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What Do You Think?