The defining point of who we are is the moment we decide how to view our experience.
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Claire McGee

Claire was diagnosed with a rare hereditary muscle disorder. During the healing process Claire studied the relationship between our conscious thoughts and decisions and our subconscious belief in the outcome. After discovering the power which lies within the province of the mind, Claire moved from being extremely depressed and self destructive to self empowerment and success. Through Claire's education, research and speaking with others she came to realize, the Law of Attraction truly is a powerful phenomena to which we all have access to use to our advantage. She then went on to write I Believe Therefore I Am to give people an extremely important step, which can help to eliminate the internal battle of what we want versus what we believe we can have. Claire now believes, when we create a new reality within the province of the mind we can change our habits and ultimately succeed at creating the life we wish to lead. Claire is a highly respected motivational teacher and author. She provides seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching services to people all over the world. 

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What Do You Think?