The mind is a flowing river with its unique currents, all of which end up at the delta and sea of reality.

Aan Frazier

Aan D. Frazier is a Vietnamese American and survivor of the Vietnam War. Her blessed roots, surviving a boat ride to freedom at the age of one, have always motivated Aan to seek ways to make a difference in other people's lives. Growing up in San Jose, California, her decision to go into teaching was an easy one, fueled by her appreciation for public education and the amazing teachers she encountered during her childhood. To date, Aan has been teaching for the past ten years. Aan's discovery of the Law of Attraction caused her to view her life in a positive new light and she started living her life as in intentional creator. This powerful knowledge has dramatically changed her perception of the world and the possibilities within it. With the lingering words of a fifth-grade teacher who wrote in her yearbook "Please send me a copy of your first book," combined with her Law of Attraction passion, she is now achieving a lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Aan intends for her book Your Magnetic Mind to inspire people of many ages across the globe. In addition, she has also co-authored in a book from the global best-selling Adventures in Manifesting series. Aan's journey to her dreams can be followed via her blog and YouTube channel.

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What Do You Think?