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Sharmen Lane’s transforming and relatable strategies help people make better choices, “moving from ordinary to extraordinary

A life path beginning in a highly dysfunctional family environment, moving from high school dropout to manicurist and eventually achieving self-made millionaire status sounds more like a Hollywood fairy tale but, as Sharmen Lane describes in her compelling new book, GIVING YOU THE WOW AND THE HOW, she made the transformation happen following the simplest principles of her own design drawn from her personal life experiences. The result is a stimulating “fix-it” chronicle that gives readers the tools to “get from where you are to where you want to be.”

Her immensely readable life-changing narrative, subtitled “44 Tips from the Millionaire Manicurist That Will Change Your Life Now” does more than recount a sad, unfulfilled early life populated by nine divorces among her parents, alcohol, bad choices and a host of other negatives that could have consumed her. Rather, Ms. Lane, highly-regarded motivational speaker, life coach, author and radio show host, shares with readers just how she focused on her passions, conquered fears and made choices that empowered her to create a dream lifestyle – all by using the tools she now makes accessible to everyone.

The one-time manicurist making $20,000 a year describes how to “power past” fear and find a way out of an unfulfilling life. Practical examples of how to give a voice to individual passions to inspire growth, whether dealing with one’s personal relationships, professional life, educational aspirations or improved health.

The book recounts simple principles evolved from Lane’s own experiences -- losing 30 pounds (and keeping it off), making more money than she ever imagined, running a marathon, retiring from corporate life at 34, and even earning a college degree.

Through simple exercises and lessons, innovative tools outlined in GIVING YOU THE WOW AND THE HOW include learning to break down goals into manageable areas so that every goal, regardless of how complex, is attainable. Readers learn to use their emotions, as tools for change, how to “knock out the negative,” how to control one’s reactions with the “Ten Second Rule,” conquering fear, teaching accountability, and how to make empowering choices.

Chapter titles reveal the scope and unpretentious style of her narrative –“Take Your Talk for a Walk,” “Kick Your Fear in the Rear,” “What You Feel You Make Real,” “Putting Off Procrastination,” among them.

Manicurist to millionaire Sharmen Lane is a four-time author, speaker, life coach and radio host (Now to Wow on 1230am WBLQ). She has been interviewed on Lifetime TV, NPR, New York Daily News, BusinessWeek, and many others. She’s written articles for National Magazines and has spoken for several large companies, high schools, colleges, charities and non-profit organizations throughout the world. As a motivational speaker, she has trained, managed, and coached thousands of individuals on what it takes to get what they want.

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