There are Blessings in every experience, so you might as well just relax and enjoy the trip!

Suzanne O'Brien

Suzanne O'Brien, guided by an angel after a life saving surgery, is now a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor #1514707, Reiki Master,  Reconnective Healer™, certified Medical Intuitive, Spiritual/Energy Healer,Medium/Animal Intuitive, Artist,  and author of A Heavenly Presence. Suzanne helps others with improving their Health and Wealth through a natural lifestyle. She also teaches Reiki Energy Healing in NJ and online, offers Distant Spiritual Healing sessions and Pet Readings through photos.  She is the owner of, and

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  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    My father just died this year and it was the most blessed painful experience I have ever had. I now feel so free after facing such a difficult situation. Your quote just hit me right between the eyes… thanks so much


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What Do You Think?