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  1. My father just died this year and it was the most blessed painful experience I have ever had. I now feel so free after facing such a difficult situation. Your quote just hit me right between the eyes… thanks so much

  2. Absolutely! If i have trouble to sleep in the night, then I take a book, and read it thoroughly, as the night has been the best time for me to digest the book I read. It can take one or two hours then i felt tired, and sleep soundly. I say to myself, anyhow, it’s always ends having a good day/night. During covid period, we all have to isolate ourselves; I found out that the creatives thought . I have never do any embroideries, suddenly it came to miy mind to see and search how to embrodery, and I did it. I made few things out of it. It satisfy me, it’s good enough although it’s not perfect as the beginners. It is enough. Good day, it makes one happy, bad day, it gives experience, then the summary: every day is a good day:)

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