There is a butterfly inside each one of us waiting to come out- the challenge is to recognize that truth with grace and in faith to experience the transformation.
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Danielle Coulanges

Danielle Coulanges is a teacher who’s had a renaissance career as an entertainer, a fashion designer, business woman and compliance officer. Her true passion however has always been to write, and she uses her diverse experiences to observe life and reflect on it in her writings. 

Danielle, who returned to college as an adult, graduated from New Jersey City University in New Jersey with a major in Economics and a minor in English Literature. She served as the publisher and was a featured writer of her division’s quarterly newsletter when she worked at a major financial services firm in New York. 

She also writes essays and short stories and maintains a blog. In 2008 she published Cads, Princes and Best Friends, a memoir of relationships gone awry, that shares life lessons about love and faith. 

In May 2012 she became a first time recording artist at age fifty plus with the release of her single “We Are One,” a song with a strong social message. An album of original inspirational and gospel songs, “I Live by Faith” (her life motto) is due for August 2012.

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What Do You Think?