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Steven Spitz

Steven Spitz, CEO of Big Apple Pet Supply, has been featured on the coveted Pet Product News Top 25 People in the Pet Industry To Watch list and has sold to and consulted with hundreds of zoos, museums, parks, universities as well as thousands of pet owners. Steven has been cited and quoted in countless pet industry magazines and over the last 17 years he has established a specialty in pet care and pet product manufacturing. Steven also holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University in Manhattan. More recently, Steven's concepts in cause marketing has established him as a rising pet expert and public figure in the social media world under the trademarked name Vegan Petman. In 120 days, his Twitter account achieved over 6,000 pet followers and in 100 days, his Facebook page had more than 2,700 pet fans. His corporate Facebook page stands at over 11,000 pet fans and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Steven lives happily in Delray Beach, FL with his family. Visit Steven online at BigApplePetSupply.comTwitter and YouTube.

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  1. Joe holzer
    Joe holzer says:

    Having adverted stuff or even personal history of contributors on same page as inspirations brings it all down to a very base and monitory level, :'( . this makes it quite ugly! If I’m really inspired and want to find out more, I surely can check the next page, then you really got my attention. The way it is done now is poorly.


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What Do You Think?