There is power in purposeful positiveness: find the gems buried in the dirt of the situation and move down the road you choose.

Dr. Erica Kosal

Dr. Erica Kosal is an author, blogger, widow, mother and biology professor. She is the blogger of Traveling Troubled Times, where she writes about her experiences with raising two small children and living life alone without her recently-deceased husband.  Her recent book When Miracles Aren't Enough: The Lessons Tragedy Taught Me is being well-received.  The book was illustrated by Erica's 7-year old daughter and contains contributions from her 9-year old son.  Together these three paint a beautiful picture of how good can come from tragedy.  Erica's first book Miracles for Daddy: A Family’s Inspirational Fight against A Modern Medical Goliath uses her husband Jim's illness as the backdrop for how to handle adversity by calling on the power of the human spirit.  Erica’s website, Bounce to Resilience, is designed to help people experiencing extreme stress and adversity. In addition to speaking to audiences, she advocates for Lyme disease through interviews on radio shows and national television.  Erica has been on Fox and Friends, ABC news, and Emotional MoJo speaking about her experiences.  She also writes regularly for various national venues. Her books are available at  or at

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What Do You Think?