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Martha Gouws

I have a son and daughter and two grand daughters age 15 and 7, and a spaniel named Maximus. With my hubby, we live in a small town called Fish Hoek, 5 minutes from the sea. I love the wind, the rain, sun and the beautiful scenery of the area. My travels include: Zambia, Zimbabwe, The Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Botswana, Germany, Holland, Argentina, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Mauritius, Barbados, Canada, Portugal, Mexico and England. I have traveled many times to the USA, visiting Orlando, Florida, Washington DC, New York City, Raleigh, North Carolina, Scottsdale, Arizona, Grand Rapids, Michigan and touring Alaska. I finished my Matric and after that I studied as a PC programmer. Later I studied at the Pretoria technical college and qualified as a makeup artist for TV, opera, prosthesis, and cosmetic manufacturing. I then went on to study how to trade the foreign exchange market and developed an online study course which is still extensively used. The last five years I have involved myself in the art of writing. Highlights of my life: Traveling in Alaska, landing on top of a snow covered mountain by helicopter and mushing with the amazing snow dogs. Salmon fishing on the great rivers, and canoeing at the foot of massive glaziers between drifting ice. Riding an elephant in the African bush, a highlight hard to beat.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?