Today, I challenge you to set out and conquer fear itself, for once fear is conquered there is but nothing to hold you back.

Patrick Rodo

I am a recent high school graduate and 18 year old entrepreneur. Not knowing what I wanted to do all throughout high school I constantly contemplated what my future would look like. I knew I wanted to start a business of some sort. I knew I wanted to help people in some way. I didn’t want to start any regular business in the pursuit of money though. I wanted to create a business that valued honesty, positivity, and quality as its foundation.

What did this leave me with? The blueprint of what is now called Rodo’s Balm. I started Rodo’s Balm 6 months after graduating high school in December of 2012. After much encouragement and positive feedback I’m excited to continue to pour everything I’ve got into Rodo’s Balm and ensure that I leave a trail of positivity throughout my journey.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?