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Laurie Glass

Laurie Glass is a recovered anorexic, Christian counselor and author. With a Masters degree in Christian Counseling and a Pastoral Counselor License, she offers online Christian counseling services to adult women with eating disorders. Laurie helps women work through underlying issues, define appropriate identity, change thoughts, face fears, learn healthy ways to express emotions, and much more. She has been through the tough process of recovery and is here to walk with others through theirs.

Laurie has published Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders and Give God Your Eating Disorder, with plans for publishing more e-books in the future. She has had several poems and articles published in both print and online publications. In addition, she was quoted in the April, 2012 issue of Women's Health Magazine in an article entitled The Scary Rise in Adult Eating Disorders.

Encouraging and inspiring those in eating disorder recovery is Laurie's passion. Through her website, Freedom from Eating Disorders, she offers loads of encouraging content, inspirational writings, recovery helps, recovery stories, newsletters, and more.

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