We all have an amazing greatness within us, we just need to give ourselves permission to allow it to be accepted, recognized and received.

Robin Hardy

Robin Hardy is a Certified Seminar Leader, Certified Action/Life Coach and Licensed in ATAP (Accessing your Truth to Accelerate your Process) a licensing process not many coaches have pursued. She is a member of ASLA (American Seminar Leaders Association), ICF (International Coach Federation) and NAFE (National Associated of Female Executives). She is known for her motivating approach in teaching and coaching. Her passion is to empower people for a stronger and healthier future. Robin is also the Director of the Riverside For You Network, NAFE's local affiliate, a network designed to empower and encourage women, the network with heart. She has also recently been elected President of the Board of Directors. Robin has been nominated for awards from Inland Empire Spirit Awards 2007 & 2008, LA Business Journal Women Making a Difference 2007 & 2008. Robin also won the award for "Emerging Leader" through the For You Network (local affiliate for NAFE).

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?