We can either allow our circumstances to make us miserable or we can choose to use it to make us strong.

Nancy Butler

While in the process of divorce with no child support, alimony or other source of income, and only $2,000 to her name, Nancy moved with her children 70 miles away and started her own business. At the new location Nancy was offered a salaried position at a higher pay than she had ever received before but realized they were hiring her at “the top of the ladder” leaving no place to grow. Nancy did not want a job - she needed a career. Nancy built her new business from scratch to $200 million in assets under management and 1,200 clients. Nancy also became one of the few Certified Divorce Financial Analysts in the State, and has testified in court as an expert witness for divorce. In 2007 Nancy sold her business, and is now a national professional motivational speaker, award-winning author and coach to help business owners do a better job for their clients while improving their bottom line, and to help individuals live a more successful life and realize their dreams. Nancy has been quoted in many local and national publications including USA Today and The Day and has been a speaker for major corporations such as Pfizer, General Dynamics and Dow Chemical.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?